Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lady On The Hill

I even may nuts or something.

Yesterday on my blog I said I never thought that I had any signs or feeling that at one time I had a past life or I recycled though.
I had something appear to me three times although they said not a word.

Please excuses my drawing but this is sort of the women appeared to me.
I would guess she might have been in her earlier 40 and I worn face from what I would guess is being out in elements.
Wore a dark gray heavy skirt down to her boots and her boots had scuffmarks on it.
She wore a dark blue sweater more to a navy color.
That looks like it has grass stubbles on it possible wheat, barley, oats or something.
I never see her hair because I’m guessing it covered by her bright color scarf of purple and pinks, which ties in front.
She appears standing on a rolling grass hill and never says anything. Honest time…I didn’t try to communicated with her because I am afraid
Actual she a little thicker then what I drew in the picture.
Anyone have any ideal what this may be?.
Note time...This doesn't happen very often I would even say hardly ever which at this time I'm thanjavascript:void(0)
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Monday when I went to work my client Donna was in bed and I was putting my lunch in her fridge and I notice their was some flowers and card address to me.
I open the card and it told me how well I’m appreciated for all I do


  1. Doesn't it just make your day when someone shows their appreciation in such a special way! Have a great weekend

  2. Awww. Pretty flowers.. You deserve them and thanks for the happy birthday wishes..


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