Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In and Out of Town Some New and Old

I thought I would try to catch all of you on the doings in my neighborhood and some would even might call it gossip

Well my Uncle Bob who is 90 and would have been my mom oldest brother was or still is in the hospital and actual he is on the sour side.
When I was younger and my grandparents were still alive for Thanksgiving a least we would all get together.
Even my Uncle Bob and Aunt Ulanda would show up with there 3 boys.
Honest time…I actual miss those big family dinner
well once my Grand father died we still had those big dinner but my Uncle Bob and Aunt Ulanda refused to show up anymore.
My Grandma moved in a place called the Restorium here and not once did they every came to visit her.
I knew my Uncle Bob showed up to the July Family reunion that we had here. Which I believe was a few years back now.
But his wife or boys didn’t.
Uncle Bob was ill and had to be place in a nursing home for a short time and his wife refuse to let any of his sibling to know ware he at.
So one day my Uncle told one of his younger sisters Penny.
“That one of his sons could buy out the hole son of bitchin surname of our family.
Well I know that’s far from the truth.
His grand daughter is getting married and none of us who are have the same DNA as uncle Bob got invited.
His wife side did and the brides’ mother side did.

Oh well it take more energy to be bitter and sour then to be happy and joyful

I haven’t seen Tadita for ages and I saw her with her new boyfriend in BTC the other day and they seem happy and we actual said “Hi” to each other

The 27th of March we will be having a primaries in Idaho and every so often we have a crack pot running for county commissioner.
Well this guy is just plan I don’t know what word to even use.
He worked at the sawmill with my hubby and said “He felt know pain because he took two baby aspirin”
There once at mill by the burner was some girlie magazine and he told people that he made was porn star in San Diego and he thought the men or the people keep there clothes on in porn.
One day a long time ago I was doing Laundry and hopeful new county commissioner came in and started to load up the front washer and as he was loading the last one up he started to take off his clothes and put them is the washing machine and I just stood there in plain sight he took every thing off excepted his dirty long john.
I wonder me being there stop in from taking off his long John or he just didn’t see me standing there

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  1. Hello dear Dora,

    I'm back from my trip and now trying to visit all my blogging friends...I'm sooo behind with your news!!

    Don't you wish that sometimes we would be able to choose our families...there always seems to be some who just don't get what being a "family" is all about! I feel so bad for your uncle Bob.

    Oh dear, the guy you have running for county commissioner sounds like quite a ummmm..."character"! It's scary to think that people like him can be elected!!! Yikes!

    Hope you're keeping well and enjoying some lovely weather? Been so cold here, only 48F right now. Supposed to warm up by the weekend though so hopefully that will be the last of the unseasonably cold weather!! xox


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