Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heads or Tails (Mother)

This week theme is Mother and next week theme is also head and the writing theme is Any Tom, Dick or Harry. “Sound interesting”

My mom name was Myra Florence McCalmant and she grew up as dust bowl kid.
She came from Minatare Nebraska near Scottsbluff the family left in 1937 and came to the Bonners Ferry area.
My mom was name after her grandma Middle name Cynthia “Myra” Brunson and her daughter by her first husband Minnie “Florence” Pollard.
In 1953 she married her husband my dad Harold Siver Witherell but every one called him “Pete”
She became a widow in 1977 and never remarried. Then in about 1979 she sold her home in Otis Orchard and moved up in North Idaho so she could be around her siblings and she was the middle child of 12
In May of 2000 she died of heart attack..

My mom had quite a bit of spunk. Here a brief trivia, facts about my mom or words of wisdom to live by

1. Holding grudges and being angry for years actual don’t hurt the person your upset with your only hurting your self.
2. My mom never hardly told anyone to stick it up their ass. Her saying was “Oh go piss up rope” every so often she would tell my dad that.
3. The only thing different between a man and a women is a man stands up an pee so my vote counts as much as yours.
4. My mom told me if I made fun of any one who lived in poverty she told me that she would give that person everything I own. “So I learn to be thankful for even the smallest stuff in life…she would of”.
5. “Be honest it may hurt but you can keep control of most situations”
6. My mom never believed the story of the Virgin Mary. She thought it was made up story that Joseph and Mary wouldn’t get in trouble. I have trouble with the whole Ideal about Jesus died on the cross. “She taught me to be free thinker”
7. My mom was good at stretching a dollar.
8. If you got your self in a mess she would say…”You burn your ass so sit on blister”
9. For stuck up people her saying was “They think there shit don’t stink but there farts sure gives them away”
10. “ The dirt you can wash off will never hurt you” If ones have bad thoughts or evil in their heart will not do them any good.
11. My mom had many talents and to her last breath she worked hard and had a sharp mind.
12. Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John will saddle a horse and get along. She thought the teaching of gospel was a good way to live. Confession time..Some time the writing of Apostle Paul rubs me the wrong way.

This is what I had put on her memory card that they gave at her memory service.

Smile when you speak of me when I am dead:
Sad tears for me please do not shed,
Then smile when you speak of me when I am dead.
My spirits will know and understand:
You miss me and wish I were near
But do not vex with one little tear----
Smile when you speak of me when I’m gone,
But, smiling say, “Remember when_____”
And tell about something happy thing that I once I’d done:
Sorrow not for me when I am gone.
Grieve not that now my face you no more see, there comes a time when my spirit must be free;
So sing and l Laugh and do not grieve for me,
And knowing I will smile along with thee.

There a lot of things I miss about my mom and I have plenty of stories to share

To be part or read others please click here


  1. I enjoyed reading your memories of your mom this morning … especially after sharing memories of my own at Small Reflections … a task I found most challenging today, but am happy I stayed with! She sounds like a wonderful woman and I’d love to read more ‘stories’ about her.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Fantastic post. I loved reading your mom's words of wisdom.

  3. Beautiful love-filled post.

  4. She sounds like she had a lot of character. Reminds me a lot of my grandmother.

  5. Beautiful post. Your mother sounds like she was a smart and sassy lady. Would love to hear more stories about her.


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