Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dirt and More Dirt

Saturday Morning I woke up with my head stuffed up and my head felt like it had 10 pounds of crud in it.
So most of Saturday I took it easy. Well yea I did a few smaller task around the place

During the weekend they had the Mud Bog out in Moyie Spring area. It happen twice a year here
Years past it got a lot of advertisement and it brought business to our local merchants profit and this year none of the paper or radio station picked it up.
Even in groceries stores it usual have a big sign saying ”WELCOME MUD BOGGERS but this time, nothing.
Around here they don’t want any type of growth or events that could bring in money to local economy Statement time…I know all town needs income coming in to support our little town but I have no desire to make it in to a major city either
Personally statement..I never been to mud bog but I have nothing against it but I would rather see more culture event in our area
I heard attendees was down I think it was from lack of advertisement and the price of fuel

I only did a little bit this week toward gardening I took a spot below Bart Window to put in a roll of sunflowers.
I’ve heard that sunflowers below a window means fertility. “No I’m not hurry my boys to reproduce” but I wonder if reflection off the window have something to do with growing sunflowers.
But there is quite the story on sunflowers and it original American plant

I went out and planted a very and mean a very short roll of spinach at end of my strawberries that I was short on plants and I would guess I planted about two 18 inches of spinach.

My son Sawyer came up for the mud bog and he brought me some 6X2 in fairly long lengths and I wish there was more but I’m thankful for what he could get and if my math is right I should be able to built three 4x4 boxes

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  1. Hi Dora:-) Just a quick visit to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, I do hope you had a nice relaxing day!! xox

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    happy mothers day, peppy. blessings...

  3. Peppylady,

    I'm sure your garden will be wonderful. I don't grow a vegetable garden because there is no room, but do love home-grown veggies. Maybe the boys and I will plant some tomato plants like we have other years. We do have a few strawberry plants as well.

    I read your post below and just want to comment. No one has the right to judge another in religion, race or any other matter. The Bible says, "Judge not," and any Christian would not think of judging another.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my photos of Griffyn. I always enjoy visiting with you.



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