Sunday, May 04, 2008

Add a Little Bit More.

It Sunday and that means that as green thumbers are posting are gardens posting.

I wasn’t sure which way the weather was going to work out in month of April it was colder and wetter this last April, compare to last.
In 08 it was 6 degree colder on the average and we only ¼ inches of rain.
On the 28th of April was the warmest day at 72.5 (Fahrenheit) 22.5 (celsuis)
On the 1st of April was the coldest day at 18.3 (Fahrenheit) –7.6 (celsuis)
The average high was 55.5 (Fahrenheit) or 13.6 (Celsuis)
The average low was 28.8 (Fahrenheit) or –1,7 (celsuis)
Rain ¾ (inches) 1.9 (centimeters)
Snow 1 ½ (inches) 3.8 (centimeters) snow in April is rare.

More and more is coming to life in the new area.
We haven’t got any trees leaved out yet.

The only flower bed has anything is my patriotic flower bed which would consist of red, white, and blue.
Sometime the flower company and I don’t see eye to eye on color.
I bought some white tulip and I would actual call them a creamy yellow.
I got a cream yellow daffodil but they called it white.
Only at this time I have a red tulip blooming, grape hythsen, and easter hythsen.

I’m clueless who planted this daffodils under my birch tree I drought it was my mom she wasn’t in to flower you grew it and you better been able to eat it.

Murphy and I got the strawberry bed dug up and it sure was a lot of hard work. But we did get the strawberries planted.
But some how we miss counted the number we need by 5 so Murphy will bring some home on Tuesday. A guy at work who lives on place needed his strawberry bed thinned.

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