Thursday, May 08, 2008

30 Days With Out Pay.

One day my dad went to his regular job for the railroad and he was a conductor, so he was a supervisor.
Well that fright train was going up over the Canadian border not sure if the train went though Eastport or Porthill crossing.
The train made to border and it had to stop at customs and had to be inspected unknown how long that would take.
So my dad told the crew that they were going to take lunch as train was going to be inspected.
Because once the train got going again he didn’t see the opportunity for a lunch break but the crew haven’t worked for the full four hours.
They went for lunch and went back on the train

In few days my mom went to Spokane Yard to get my dad and I was with her when she picked him up.
He looked at her and said I was fired for 30 days with out pay, someone snitch on me about taking an early lunch.
Of course he said they might have to take some money out of savings and I remember my mom getting this horrible freighting look on her face. That they might take few dollars out of their saving account.
Then my father said I might as well go fishing and that even more frighten my mom.
See my mom just tighten the money belt a lot more and Confession Time…Some time my mom attitude toward money sometime was right down disusing
So in 30 days my dad was back on the job


  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    i know how that feels like. but it makes a lot of difference when we learn how to trust God as our source. it gives us peace. blessings to you and your family. =)

  2. Merry Meet! Thanks for the best wishes. I have my fingers crossed that they will call me for an interview. M was just going for overnight and will be back tonight. We got a little of needed rain today. Good for the tulips. How is the stawberry planting going? Have a fabulous Friday.


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