Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This, That, and I Don't Know it All

I want to do Heads or Tail this time around. I had what I thought would be the prefect theme special memories” but it just didn’t go.
I was going to take a picture of the place were Murphy told me that he loved me.
Bart ended taking the camera to school for some project in speech.

Plus at work Donna found a husky type of dog and her and I try to find it owner and it was in good shape and well taken care of.
She asked me to take it back to the fairground, which is basically our local playground, lot of children there.
It was such a nice dog hopeful a nice family finds it.
I know taking it the pound we both didn’t think it had much of a chance.
Plus our local animal adoption is very small here.

Bart and I was talking this evening how people would vote the presidential election in Idaho.
Statement time…Lot of people here vote rich and lives poor
This is what I told Bart what I’m guessing the out coming in Idaho will be…
McCain 90% to Obama 10%
McCain95% to Clinton 5%
And when Dubya he got 98% of the votes the highest percentage in the union.
Prediction time…the democrat candidate will become our next president of the United States

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