Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hooky Thing, What is it?

As I said thought out blogging in resent history that I been purging the items under our basement stair well.
It been quite the history lesson at times and I at times I found things that brought back fond memories but there are times I’m clueless what some of these items are.

As I go though boxes after boxes I run into numerous ones of these. But the thing I don’t even know what they are.
Any ideals what it may be?

I don’t expect anyone who reads this blog to know this person and real doubt this person is well known.
I’ve also ran into picture and at one time my mom told me who some people in different people are and at time not caring about my anything of my family history.
As I was going though a box of mainly clothing. Which I need to wash and sort.
Now back to the subject at hand
I found this picture of this elderly lady well I have my guess who it may be I think it my step grand mother “Pearl” but nothing written on back.
I have a picture of my gramps and his wife standing by a car.
The type of paper it was developed on was pre mid sixty and there picture I seen like this from the 50’s.
The style she warring is for an elderly lady when I was knee high to grass hoper. I remember elderly ladies if there was heading to place as church they had a hat on.
Most of my family from the pass lived by a state which boarder Canada and if you look at plant life I don’t see any palm trees.
My dad side for generation came from Michigan
But I could be completely wrong who this may be


  1. Those metal things look like curtain hooks to me.

  2. Those metal things are hooks that are used for pleated drapes. Usually they pulled either in the middle or to one side. I had some in my house, dark green. Lined to keep out the cold and wind.

  3. Yep, these are curtain hooks. My gram had them to drape them in pleads.


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