Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Head or Tail (Tip)

Welcome to Heads or Tails and our host Skittles offers challenging and fun stuff to post about and this week subject is Tips or anything rhymes with tip Next week will be Heads and the subject matter is direction.
Do I have something for that already? Hope I afford the gas

I find a lot of tips on the Internet and here few of the places I like to stopover.
1. dollar stretcher
2. Mommy saves big
3. Ring Surf there is all sort of on line community list by many interested one may have.
This is way to meet and find fellow blogs that may have same interest you do.
Plus there other on line community to offer us tips on what every we need.
4. Frugal hacks this is anther place to find frugal tips.
5. About is a search engine which offers some great news letters. I get some wonderful tips from them. Check out there channels.
6. I Village is also a search engine that one can pick up great tips.
7. Tips sometime using google search and putting in term such as tips for water spot removed, coffee stains, tips for taking picture of sunset, or any tips that one may need.
8. Real age is place to fine tips on health.
9. If you need a tip try just posting it on your blog and see if any bloggers out there has a tip for you


  1. Cool Post! Thanks for sharing the tips with links. I’ve discovered first-hand that #9 works amazingly well! My ‘playful’ 2nd HoT is up at Small Reflections with a variety of ‘takes’ on the prompt today. I hope you’ll stop by.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Thanks for all the great links. Lots of interesting material to explore.

  3. Great links...I plan to check out a few.

  4. I love tips like these! Thanks... :)

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Welcome at my heads or tails:

    :: here::

    Have a great day!

  6. I should really check out those sites. We need to save money!

  7. what a great idea! I'm bookmarking this post so that I can use it when I need it. Thank you!

  8. Please pardon my late visit. Thanks for sharing these interesting sites. I will check them out.


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