Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Feast

This week the chef need a break and we have the choice to be daring an do it own our own.


Take the 3rd letter of your middle name and list a food that begins with that letter?



What one lesson your parents taught you growing up?

My parents taught me to appreciative what I have it doesn’t matter how small it was. My mom told me if I every made fun of any one because they’re poor or only have rags on. She would clean out my bedroom to bare walls plus the closet and give that person everything I own. Every time my mom made a threat it wasn’t a threat it was a promise and she carried it out


Do you have any flowers in bloom now and what are they?

Purple crous

Main Course

Who was president or leader of your country when you where 16 years old?

Jimmy Carter


Tell something new you learned in last week?

I learn to make a dish called shemna (spelling) Take pot depending on how much you want put I like 2 to 3 quart. Put an 1 to 2 inches of water in buttom of pan. First thing goes on bottom is wedge onion and your choice of vegetable in chunks layer them on top of onions. It best to go lighter to heavier and the heavier on top. Sprinkle with soy sauce a steam on a low heat for 40 minutes. Onion always on the buttom

I like you to tag the 11th person on your side bar to do this meme.
If you don’t have the 11th person tag anyone of your choice.
I’m tagging Silverneurotic

1 comment:

  1. That was a great set of questions for an alternate Friday's feast! Let me check my answers...

    "s" as in Soup (from José). I like soup!

    My father once told me, after I passed a very difficult test to get into one of the best schools in Argentina: "There's nothing you can't do, if you work hard enough". I still believe in that, and I wrote about that.

    Nope. There are no flowers in bloom around here right now. But tulip season is about to kick off!

    Main Course
    In USA, Lyndon B. Johnson
    In Argentina, Juan C. Onganía ;-)

    Sure! That I'm much better at my job that what I think. These last few weeks have been the best in my entire career.

    Great job with this feast today! I loved it.

    My post...

    Have a great Friday! :-)


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