Sunday, March 16, 2008

Queen of Pentacles

Today I’m going to express my view on Queen of Pentacles which represent Good fortunes

I never believe know one can predicted the future of life in general there just to many bumps in life that we dig for our self or god/dess puts one in our life for a good reason that we may under stand or don’t under stand

Confession time…I may wine and bitch about my life but sure it isn’t honky all the time, but I been blessed and I don’t a lot give thanks for what I have in life.
I guess at time I’m pretty shallow

I’m very fortune to have a loving husband who loves me and the family. My parent taught me to have a backbone and to be an independent person, my friends, I learn to be tolerant and to respect all god/dess creation doesn’t matter who, what or when.
We have a roof over our head and food on the table.
I’m thank that god/dess develop me into the person I am and I’m thank for their guide ness when I pray.

Once you start to think of all the good fortune that you may have in life it amazing how much we have and to me the most important one is that the heavenly father and mother earth loves us as individuals

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