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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Head or Tail (Surprise)

I wasn’t sure if heads or tail was happening today or not. But it has it own home
Well today is head and theme is surprise

I step out side on my side porch and thought I would see something new and I could take a picture of it and share it but I didn’t

Big project sometime or I should say lot of the time over whelm me. Like cleaning out closet, shed, or even purging but once I get going on it I’m surprise how fast it actual goes and what one can fine.
This morning I found 3 books of matches, nuts and screws, plastic cover, Tupperware container, craft matte, egg separator, index cards, and family air looms.
Sure some of the stuff is off to the thrift store and lot of the time when I go into thrift store I find some pretty nice surprise and sure hope someone else find some wonderful surprise to.


  1. Amazing how stuff we poked away once, turns into surprise. LOL Nice post!

  2. Taking our old stuff to the thrift store is always a good excuse to buy more stuff to bring home! :)

  3. I love finding unexpected surprises!

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  4. Thrift stores are great places for surprises!


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