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Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh They Need to be Moved

Had these plans to do some minor things like caring cinder blocks out to the barn to use them as corner post. Well I woke up this morning and it feels like my vertebra is grinding in my upper back. Besides I’ve got a tingling in my right hand, nothing much in my arm.
I’m waiting for the boys to show up so I can take a muscle relaxer so I can get a good night sleep.

I only put in 2 hours today at work my back and my arm was giving me fits. I think I’m going to be short this week.
My supervisor just called me and told me that Callie hours got cut back to 15 and ¾ hours a week. I don’t know why in the hell they just don’t make it 16 hours a week I don’t know if Callie knows what her new hours will be.
I know I’ll have to be careful on my report why I left early. One of their past employees got hurt and full life work mans comp didn’t treat her right.
I know I didn’t get hurt on the job. But if I did it in the future they would use today against me. They’re just that low.

I’m going to do little more finishing up on pricing canister sets and cookie jars if as gas was $2.00 to $2.50 a gallon. Sometime I don’t know where to start pricing my goods at? Gas prices fluxuate so much, not as badly as last summer.

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  1. I have an idea for you on pricing. Take your jars to the gas station, fill them up with gas, mark the price of gas in each and then cadd the price of gas to the jar price. After, pour the gas from the jars into your gas tank, no sense in wasting it. :-)


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