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Monday, December 05, 2005

/what will I learn tommorow

Gee I’m getting some ideals on how to work with word perfect. I keep discovering new and exciting things about word perfect.

Still needs to learn how to use and formats Cd’s. I put most of my pictures on Cd’s. This computer won’t read any of my Cd’s from my old computer. Each of the computers had used different format programs.

One thing I don’t like doing is dealing with insurance company or I have very little respect for them We had been a customer with allstate for better then 10 years. Always made the payments on time, checks that I wrote are always good. Well Last fall I went in and took off the Nova because it needs a new engine in it and it. Well we pay our insurance every six months and usual our insurance on the automobiles are due the first part of December and June.
Some how things got mixed up and I went end to talk to our local insurance agent and to find out we had no coverage. Now allstate won’t cover us. So we switched to Viking insurance out of Wisconsin. Their charging us $442.44 for six months. That’s for 2 adult drivers and one teenage boy with 2 tickets. Not bad They say law suit drivers up the cost of insurance. I say bullshit if they took responsibly for their claims and was fair about them. I have no problem hiring a lawyer to sue an insurance company if I feel that I’m getting cheated any sense of the word.

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