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Friday, November 04, 2005

sickening sweet that it gags you

As I went in to the local dollar store here, they were putting up Christmas decorations. I started to think on how Murphy family and Earl family got to gather for different functions. Since the trip to to Robinson lake things started to fall apart between Murphy and his brother family.
I can understand why Murphy would be up set with his brother Earl. I personally would handle differently then what my husband would of I would got them to gather and told them everything from the very beginning and then been so sickening sweet to them after.
I have to admit that I thought of writing Dr Phil and see if he could put peace together between Murphy family and ours. Then on the other hand I thought of embarrass them on national TV. Telling a million of people that Earl doesn’t have any backbone and had to lie to me about his mother in law new we were swingers before the picture was even showed. But Murphy handed Ulanda a headless nude picture of Earl, Tadita and I believe me I was embarrass when he did that and I would have been embarrass once again if we went on the Dr Phil show. Since the nude picture would of been brought up

Murphy believes if he said he was sorry to Earl and his family that Tadita and her mother would find this a sign of weakness. I find back stabbing and gossiping about others to bring your self up is pretty low
Last night Murphy and I were talking about him and Earl little chat at Safeway store. Earl blames my mother on the break up with his first wife. In very short time I’ll blogg about the thing about Earl and my mother.
Just a short time ago Murphy and I was saying how sad that our family don’t get along.

October temperature goes as follow:
Oct 1st was highest at 70.3
Oct 9th was the lowest at 27.5
The average low for the month of October was 33.9
The average high for the month of October was 57.9

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