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Sunday, November 20, 2005

short days plenty to do

Look like my hours will be short this week. Tuesday the 15th of November Callie had an appointment with her P.S.R worker and in the afternoon she had to go to court. Today I only got in 2 hours because Callie daughter Emily school was doing a thanksgiving dinner. It looks like I’ll have between 14.75 to 16.00 hours this week. Callie been assign 18 ¾ a week.

So today Murphy and I ran some errands.
First we stopped at his sister Faith to see if she had any newspaper for us that we can use to start a fire in our stove and couple of boxes that Sawyer can ship his painted ball gun that he sold on e bay.
She asks if he had a plan for thanksgiving and we said not real. So we eating there I guess I have a choice to bring a salad of some type or a desert of some type. I’m thinking of taking a relish tray or a veggie tray and maybe a pie or two. Of Crouse I want to make sure if it ok don’t want to end up with a dozen of relish and veggie trays.
Sure glad that Faith is doing Thanksgiving dinner for the family I wasn’t sure what is going on because the way Murphy family and Earl gets along? I was trying to figure every possibility who, what and when on Thanksgiving dinner. Also thinking of what kind of stagy we will be using
Earl and his family is controlled by his Mother in law Ulanda. So if she out of town there is a good chance they’ll show up. If she working they show up as long as she at work. I general would say Earl isn’t a lair but the man has no guts. He could told me the truth about Ulanda knows we’re all swinger included them. The man pussy whipped I still feel he feed us to the wolves and his wife Tadita and her mother backed stabbed us.

We been having quite a bit of trouble with our computer. Monday morning I’m going to buy a dell. This computer I’m using is 5 years old.

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