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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Only knowing one side.

My last blogg . I was going to tell about the indecent between my mother Myra and my brother in law Earl. (The only time I use real name is when the person is dead)
This happen over 15 years ago Earl and his first wife Angie had a got a divorce. They had one son between them. Angie hired a lawyer Virginia Moore who was good friend of my mother. (both are dead) To do some custody battle for her.
Virginia knowing their might be good chance that my mother might know something that could be use in court against Earl. Virginia asked my mother what she knew about Earl, Angie and little Earl. She told Virginia she didn’t want to be involved. Ok my mother had plenty of faults. Being a back stabber wasn’t one of them. I’m pretty sure that Angie said something to Earl that my mother told Virginia something or was going to testify against Earl, just to cause problems with her ex.
Dave, Murphy and Earl youngest brother was one time married to Eris who would backstab and gossip. Eris had gossip to me about Earl, Murphy, Angie and who every. Eris and Ulanda are two peas in the pod. They both would take gossip to other people so they would make them self-look superior compare to the other person who they were stabbing in the back.
If someone will bring you gossip will also take gossip from you and used it against you.

Not an ambition day for me, sort of felt tired. Did some laundry and still more to do. Last night Sawyer ride never showed up at his girl friend Liana. I woke up at a little after midnight and I didn’t know if I heard the phone ring or I was dreaming that the phone was ringing. So I called star 69 to see what was the last call on our phone and it was his girl friend parent’s number and I called and he needed a ride home. Least he tired to get hold of us.
I told him if some how no one answers the phone call back every 5 to 10 minute tell someone answer the phone. And if Bart answers the phone tell him that you want to speak to mom or dad.
Sawyer always been home by his curfews and has always called if plans are going to change.
I’m considering put a phone back in our bedroom.

We had our first snow that stuck to the ground

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