weight lost and walking

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I just start my on line class introduction to word and did my first quiz and got a 70% on the quiz and re did it and got an 80%. I think I’m going to like these on line class. I don’t feel like I’m squeeze for time. I seem lately I’m under stress and don’t relax. Last few days I’ve having anxiety attacks. I thought I was going crazy. My period start and my anxiety attacks been less severe.
If someone asks me why I’m having anxiety attacks? I don’t know and I wish I knew more what to do when they come about. I have laid flat on my back humming zuuummmzuuuummzzuuummm and breathing deeply. It seems to pass.

Anther thing I like to do and haven’t done for ages is seeing a play. I went to local play a year or so ago and I can’t even recall the play I know it was a musical. I took drama in my senior year of high school.
I’ve like to participates in the arts and or watching the arts being creative in any sense of the word usual is up my ally


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  2. You got some spam above. Me, I like the theater myself. My mom's always been big into plays and musicals.


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