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Sunday, October 23, 2005


For a while I’ll be blogging about my 10 opinion. I want to step on few toes I know these blogs on my opinion won’t happen the next 10 blogs. There is life and I’ll be swayed away but when I blog on topic which has something to do with my 10 opinion I’ll began that paragraph with a link.

Our social program is posed to help people out. What I’ve seen and experience it real doesn’t help. I notice some people have the attuidte toward people using any type of government social programs or welfare. Let them pull them self up by their boot straps I’ll be the first to admit they needed improvement on how we handle our safety net so no one will be down and out or stuck depending on some social program all the time.
First work should always pay more then welfare. Every figure out all the befits on being on welfare: A grantee monthly check, medical, food stamps, and housing. In one willing to get up and go to work should make more then someone on welfare and it benefits.
Second people who tries to get off of welfare don’t need to be punished, they need to be given a bonus If you can prove that you are tying to get off of welfare, by bettering your self so that your taking steps that to get off welfare. I think every person who draws a welfare check should fill out a monthly questionnaire and tell what they did for the month of getting off of welfare. This statement would be reviewed by a social worker and depending on what they did to improve them self. They would receive a bonus such as extra food stamps, a gift card so they may buy some clothing, even a movie pass and etc. No cash benefits will be allowed on welfare bonus. If you are honestly making progress to getting off of welfare why be punished If you are caught misusing any part of the welfare program you should be cut back or even kicked off for a period or to many abuse of the welfare system you will not be drawing in benefits.
There should be a time limited and or the amount of bonus a person can receive over a 5 years period. What I would consider fair would be no more then 35 hours a week their vole enter time is worth $3.50. Types of things I think they should be doing to receive bonus is: Hospital work, soup kitchens, library, schools, parks, national forest, state forest, highway No private business should be allowed to take advantage of anyone on Welfare doing bonus or volenteer.
Third and Last phase of our welfare system is that they need to have coach or social worker who willing to teach them non welfare skills Like getting up and taking care of one home, looking for work, applying for jobs, taking care of one self, being motivate,
and etc. Their been people who been on welfare from one generation to anther.

I honestly believe these people who lives on welfare real don’t want to be there. Have we every draw any type of welfare assident? I have to honestly say yes. We got food stamps when our boys was little Murphy was working at a minimum wage job then. I use the food stamps to buy garden seeds, I grew a nice garden so we ate fresh veggies and I planted fruit trees and berries. We always tried to eat healthy and of course we had a treat here and there. The other part we got was medical for the boys. We never been much on running to the doctor for every sniffle we had. I felt I never abuse what we got from the taxpayers We never got any type of cash benefit. We never lived in squalor.

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