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Monday, October 31, 2005

kick them while their down

Sat the 29th of October our phone went out. Well Thursday our pick up started to have front-end problems. But before that we started to look for anther rig so Murphy Nephew Manu does Auto body work and told us that he had a 1999 Chevy caviler for $1000, with 75,000 miles on it. Ok no problem with that and we weren’t in any hurry about buying a rig and we are even willing to pay more for a better rig so we can get a better rig.
Late afternoon Murphy sister Faith and her husband Heinz stopped over on their way to Sandpoint to do some shopping at home depot for their bed and breakfast business and they were going out for dinner. Faith tells her brother that Manu got a caviler for $2,000 and it only got $75,000 miles on it. Why does the price goes up when we have a broken rig? Are they try to gouge us
Well a short time ago Steve brother Earl and his wife Tadita car engine blew up because they didn’t put oil in it. They were in Courd’ Alene and had to call up Faith to come and get them.
But Manu and or Faith got Earl and Tadita a 1998 Dodge Commodore for $800. Why didn’t Manu or Faith tried to gouge them “hell they were broke down” and we are are willing to pay cash. Tadita and Earl had or still making payments. Last time I drove by their yard I think I count 5 broken down rig in the yard although not parted out.
In my own thoughts Murphy family looks at him as the big bad older brother because he will tell them NO, stand up for what he believes in and doesn’t coddle his young siblings. Then I always thought Murphy family looked at Earl as; “poor Earl and Tadita is having hard time and bad luck fell on them”. Everyone has a bad luck but I’ll tell you something Earl and Tadita brings on the problems them self. I know few time they had their electricity cut off because they didn’t pay for it. Here the thing I know my electrical bill comes the first part of the month and we get paid the first of the month and I’ll make sure that our electrical bill is paid out of that check.
Earl and Tadita haven’t had their electricity turn off for a long time I believe.
I believe that most people brings on over 75% of their own problems but I’ll give less then 25% to bad luck

I could tell more about Earl and Tadita. Let just say Quincy Faith daughter also has an interesting life too. I’ll be the first to confess that my shit stinks, but Earl and Tadita shit doesn’t stink .



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