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Monday, August 08, 2005

postive mood

I’m again trying something again with html I want to have my holly green font. I like to try some other html life always busy.

Got both of the boys up for work and I went back to bed and went back to bed for couple of hours. I was tired and like to get 7 to 8 ½ hours of sleep. Before I went to work I fold up serial loads of laundry. Folding whites can be tithes cause most of our socks are white everyone got a different style. I got a load of towel and I threw in some lighter things with the towel.

Murphy had the day off and he change the brakes on the nova we have two door maroon 78 Nova in great shape. We’ve had people admire that car. As I was at work hubby got quite bit of laundry done an that helps a lot. He even said changing the brakes went fairly smooth. He was not all in a negative mood and I like being around him and mainly enjoy his company. When he in negative mood I honestly don’t want him around at all!

Went over to Callie around 10AM she been gone for 3 days. I thought her Apt would been trashed, it wasn’t! She wants to be less depended on others to help her and I real can’t hold that against anyone. I like being able to take care of my self. Callie has fiber myalgent, and bi polar. (I love trying to spell medical terms lol) If she takes her meds she does fine. In my opinion she real needs 12 hours a week. She get 16 hours a week

this after noon Murphy, Bart our youngest son, and I went to Dog beach in Sandpoint and went swimming. I couldn’t believe the traffic we had to drive threw. It was well worth it to cool down

Then came home and fix dinner food is so outrages. They raise everything else except our wages. Gas here now is $2.45 to $2.49 a gallon. Tonight for dinner we had beef liver, a big toss salad with imitation lobster sure is good, rice and milk. After dinner I took Bart to boy scouts.

Went over to see my friend Alice she was taking inventory she was a home business her main product is home made jelly and jams. Plus she was other items to. We had a nice short she was heading down to get two of kids who went fishing on Pack River.

I came home and start to do my blogg. The picture is of Bart his 8th grade promotion. Let see if my html comes out.

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  1. What a fine son you have! The post is hard to read, though. Larger font might be better. I went for "medium" myself...


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