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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Brood of Turkey

This morning their been a family of wild Turkey with their young.
I’m starting to get burn out on my job. I real want to get my ceramic shop going but it seem slow. This morning I got up at 4 AM to take Bart to work at Clifty View Nursery he tree weedier. Then I came home did load of towels and general cleaning.
I took Callie up the north hill so she can take a test so she can start her Jet program. Best way I understand this program. I should learn office and computer skills. Well I sign up to take it but before I take the course I need to take a test. I get nervous when it comes to test and I do crap on them.
I couldn’t believe what the income level for a family of 4. 3thousand something don’t recall the hundred. Heck we make about 23thosand a year I think that’s about 1,915 a month. Not too many working people do around here.
Paid the house insurance 600 some dollars for the year. Stop in at my sister in-law Faith to get some address.
She was cleaning their house waiting for child protection agency to come and expect her home. I guess her grandson Kelby will be living with them for a bit. What I thought was stupid the question that health and welfare ask. I wonder who thinks of these question I’m starting to ought they ever been around children.
Anyhow I’ve trying to loose weight for sometime and I came to reason that I’m afraid that I’ll get thinner and will be able to wear sexier clothing. When I dressed better I was doing cocaine and sure I had a faults security about me and I don’t want to get into that rut again or any other rut. I haven’t done any real amount for over 23 years.
So hopeful I can put my fear behind me and start loose weight and getting into some kind of shape other then what I am

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