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Thursday, July 28, 2005

stupid jerk

Men are the biggest babies in world or just pain in the ass. I’ve been trying to get things done around here this evening and hubby kept interrupting me. Sure everyone has jobs. I work the less hours then anyone else does. So I like to take care of the home for about 2 hours in morning no one around and I can make some progress. Then right after work I like to put in something like 30 to 45 minutes. After dinner I like to clean up for about and hour.
I’ve been hoping to put an hour in setting up my ceramic shop. I find being interrupted quite irritating. I have no desire to live in scrawled and won’t live that way.
Plus I told him that I put water jugs in the freezer for them to take to work I might well been talking to a wall. Do you think we pay attraction to what I say?
When my hubby get stone on pot he makes a jackass out of him self. The only positive thing I say about when he smokes he gets real ambition on it and I’m just the opposite I just want to be big time couch potato.
Well two more things my oldest son was driving to Bonners Ferry and had blow out and complete shred the right rear tire. My youngest son and I went o home depot and bought a 4-gallon air compressor paid just under a 160.
The tire and air compressor all happen yesterday.

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