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Monday, July 25, 2005

My hubby and I went over to my in-laws to dig a weeping spruce tree. I couldn’t believe how smooth everything went, digging it up and planting it.
Still trying to figure this out tree all put in and went to use the phone to call hubby sister up and our phone is dead as a doornail. Went over to my next door which is my cousin well their phone works. So we dug the phone line up and couldn’t find and break in it. We found out the phone line been repair before who knows when.
Then hubby and I went for drive up in the mountain looking for different shapes of wood to landscape with and possible to make some crafts with. One of my friends makes wind chimes out of piece small wood and roots. Need to price out the supplies to make woodwind chime. I sure hope I can sell for between 10 and 20 bucks.
Anyhow tomorrow before I go to work I hope to get a few things done around here like dig on the phone line hopeful I can find the break, walk the dog, clean the house and some laundry, after all that head to work.
Plus in the evening I want to do some housework and work on my ceramic shop

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