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Friday, March 18, 2005

Went to Sandoint to price out some stuff to reopen my business. I'm planning to sell mainly beautiful paint hand paint ceramics. I need to buy stuff for a display...it look like it will cost me 200 to 300 dollars for display. I also need to price out a cover for an out door shows. My goal is to a show just outside of Sandpoint in Mid Sept.
At the tree nursury were my husband works the weather got so bad he came home early. It was snowing like crazy.
Our house came home early also he works at the same place my husband. He went up to St. Clair lake and went fishing. I think he caught 9 fish.
The weather been crazy. I was thinking about planting some flowers and bulbs I guess I'll wait.
High for the day 49.1 and the low 33.3

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