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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

high on god

I’ve seen a person who finds the lord and I call these people “High on God” Their so brain washed with religion and they can’t function in the real world. If someone does street drugs. Pulls no crime doing them can go to prison. Even non-violent user will end up serving time.
Let take a few minute and look at people who are so far whacked on the lord. At one time I visited a church they mumbled and threw them self on the floors in fits. “I guess they was being moved by the sprit”
In my younger days I did my fair share of drugs and I’ve always functions in our society.
I’ve even seen a family who had to talk to god or the minister before they made the simple cession in every day life.
I wonder why they don’t put people who are high on god in rehab program. Like our President Bush.
Maybe it time to legalize drugs people who don’t do crimes or non-violent people who is legal age In my personal options a person needs to have they’re high school deployment or a g.e.d before they are legal age of majority.
Hasn’t had much time with the computer. It has been crazy weather in North Idaho. Their talking about snow this afternoon. The wind is coming straight out of the north.
Went to wal mart to get a few things. My youngest son needs contact. Plus I did get a short walking in yesterday.

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